PitchGround review – the latest (and arguably best) new Lifetime deals team

For the last few years AppSumo.com has been the “go to” place to find incredible discounts and lifetime (LTD) deals on online apps and services with thousands of people worldwide having snapped up once-in-a-lifetime deals for a fraction of the normal retail price. 

For most of that period AppSumo stood alone as the number one supplier of lifetime deals but over the last year with the growth of Facebook groups we've seen some new lifetime deal providers start to rise and gain thousands of followers of their own.

Initially the LTD groups sprung up as a trading marketplace for AppSumo deals (if you had a spare AppSumo product and had missed a previous deal then you could very likely track down someone to trade with) and more recently we've seen the growth of organisations that are actively seeking out and creating new lifetime deals.

PitchGround is the newest kid on the block and (in my opinion) the group putting together some of the best lifetime deals focused on sales, marketing and automation for internet entrepreneurs.  The Co-Founders Aaron and Udit are both successful internet entrepreneurs themselves and have collaborated on PitchGround to provide opportunities and deals that will help others in the online business and startup space succeed.

This isn't just about putting together a deal and making sales – PitchGround actively works with software creators over several months reviewing their apps and requesting additional features and functionality before the deal is offered on the PitchGround website. Every deal is thoroughly vetted and a full support and training system put in place.

PitchGround are raising the bar even further by providing weekly webinars with key app founders to teach customers how to achieve success online by applying proven sales and marketing strategies and systems.  The in-depth webinars provide both the overview of key principles and also step-by-step guides covering such areas as high performing lead capture pages, increasing sales conversions and facebook advertising.

You can view their trainings on their Youtube page. I highly recommend subscribing to their channel to be notified when new content is released.

To date PitchGround have released three deals:


letConvert (finishing 16 Nov 2018)

SendPilot (launching 15 Nov 2018)

I'll write more detail on each of these deals later but I can tell you now that each of them have been / are extremely good deals that can (should!) be purchased without hesitation if you are serious about building a successful online business.

In particular PitchGround has negotiated special Agency plans with each app developer that allow customers to not only use these apps for their own websites but to also have sub-accounts for client use.

Go check out PitchGround today!